About Poindexter Flooring

Our History

The durability of carpet tile made it a game changer for the commercial flooring industry when it first hit the market. In the 1980’s Brian Poindexter’s father began installing some of of the first carpet tile in Central Iowa. At just 14 years old Brian started learning the trade and has literally grown up in this industry, eventually opening his own commercial flooring company in 2001. Today, Poindexter Flooring is a true family-run business, with both of his daughters working here. Although everyone isn’t family, they might as well be! Most of our installers have similar histories of growing up in this industry which makes our team a constant in the ever changing industry of designs and products

The Poindexter Team

Brian Poindexter

  (515) 669-6313
Perry Ryan
Vice President

  (515) 689-2609
Nichole Poindexter-Wilson

  (515) 255-6366
Diane Kelleher

  (515) 225-6366
Meg Poindexter
Office Manager & Information

  (515) 210-9174
Sarah Strange
Sales & Project Manager

  (515) 225-6366
Kenda Miller
Warehouse Manager

  (515) 255-6366

Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership

We are proud members of Starnet, a partnership of professional commercial flooring contractors who are dedicated to providing quality service and products.


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